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What is rush?

Rush is a two week period where people interested in joining aKDPhi can come out to learn more about our sisterhood. You'll have a chance to meet the sisters in a fun and casual environment. All events are completely free of charge with no obligation to attend! Come and find out what we're all about.


Do I have to be Asian to rush?

Absolutely not! aKDPhi is an Asian-interest sorority, not Asian-exclusive, and we welcome girls from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds as we promote cultural awareness. 

Am I obligated to join if I rush?

No, rush is non-binding and does not mean you're obligated to join. It's a time for you to express interest and see if aKDPhi is the sorority for you.

What are the requirements to join?

In order to be considered for a bid, we ask that you have at least 12 credits (AB/IB courses accepted) and a minimum GPA of 2.7 or above. Even without one of these requirements, you're still welcome to rush and get to know our sorority.


During the semester's recruitment, check the rush schedule on our social media to make you attend:

  • 1 GIM (General Information Meeting)

  • 1 SOC (Social Event)

  • 1 SER (Service Event)

What is a bid?

A bid is an official invitation from our sorority to join aKDPhi after you complete rush requirements and a formal interview.

If I accept a bid, what happens next?

After accepting a bid, the rushee will become a new member of our sorority and will continue on with our New Member Process. After completing this process, you will officially become a sister of aKDPhi!


What is the New Member Process?

The New Member Process was created by our National Board and approved by UMD's Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life (DFSL) on campus. The purpose is for new members to learn about the sorority, members, and values (similar to taking a 3-credit course for the semester).

Will there be hazing during this process?

Absolutely not, aKDPhi and the University of Maryland follow a no-hazing policy to promote the safety and well-being of all students.

Our New Member Process is consistently regulated and each sister undergoes training every semester to ensure hazing prevention by our sorority governors and the UMD MGC advisor.

Hazing goes against our core values, our advocacy for female empowerment and respect, and our goals to uplift new members to reach their highest potential as a student, employee, and future sister.


Have any additional questions?

You can refer to our national website akdphi.org for more information. Otherwise, you can contact us here!

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