We want the best for our sisters' future by providing resources, support, and opportunities to build future female leaders. Each sister contributes an important role for our chapter, and discovers true growth and skill development.


Academic Chair

Alina *Ceara* Tann

Alumni Chair

Kimberlie *Calea* Phung

Mia *Xtinguish* Deng

Cultural Committee

Emma *sublime* Tran

Jolny *EUPHORiA* Jiang

Kathleen *HELiACAL* Frejoles

Lynn *Élixir* Phan

Maddie *arella* Ho

Chapter Expectations

Hyacinth *Cineri* Heo

Fundraising Committee

Hyacinth *Cineri* Heo


Kathleen *HELiACAL* Frejoles

Salina *TSUNAMi* Luu

Tammy *Shikari* Dam

Podcast Committee

Bindi *Incalescent* Undrakhbold

Claire *Enchanté* Yoo

Crystal *Élysées* Wang

Ellis *Sharpshooter* Shen

Emily *arcadian* Chi

Kat *Shotgun* Yau

Judicial Chair

Maddi *AíKO* Paige


Abby *ÉDEN* Sun



Emma *sublime* Tran

Sisterhood Chair

Maddi *AíKO* Paige


Emily *xcelsiÖre* Zheng

Maddie *arella* Ho

Recruitment Committee

Claire *Enchanté* Yoo

Emma *sublime* Tran

Jolny *EUPHORiA* Jiang

Maddie *arella* Ho

Vivian *FANTÔME* Le

Wellness/COVID-19 Chair

Shawna *Moonshine* Dougherty

Sustainability Chair

Abby *ÉDEN* Sun


Sisters encourage and support each other to reach a brighter future. Some of the many benefits are professional development workshops, recommended job opportunities, LinkedIn groups, and network connections with our alumni.


Just being a sister of aKDPhi will open up connections with sisters across the nation!

Board Positions

With an Executive and Cabinet board of positions, each sister has the opportunity to become professional leaders and handle important responsibilities internally and externally of the sorority. 


When it comes to representing these leadership positions, no sister is ever on her own. 


We heavily emphasize the importance of mental health, academics, and personal priorities. Our Cabinet Board includes positions such as the Wellness chair and Academic chair to look out for sisters and their progress.