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Breast Cancer Awareness

Since 1998, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has dedicated each year to supporting breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment. On a national level, we have raised over $1M for organizations including Avon Foundation for Women, Susan G. Komen, Making Strides, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Young Survival Coalition, The Breasties, brightPink, and 5 Under 50.


October 25th is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day, so our chapter hosts at least one major service event to spread awareness, raise donations, and educate our community about breast cancer. Each year, we raise thousands of dollars through fundraising, and even improved by 167% in donations in 2019!


Why We Fight

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, but there are many misconceptions and lack of awareness surrounding this disease.

Specifically with Asian women, they face unique cultural, psychological, and language issues when dealing with breast cancer, and are less likely to be screened for detection. Since breast cancer usually has a high survival rate when caught early, it is incredibly important that we spread awareness about early detection methods and support networks.


Step It Up with UMCP aKDPhi

October 28, 2022

We had the chance to hold our 11th annual BCA charity event in person, including speaker presentations from breast cancer experts, performances from various campus organizations, educational games and booths, and a raffle fundraiser. Our sisters were dedicated to raising proceeds and opening meaningful discussions on how our community can continue to show support. We raised over $1,200!

A special thank you to our sponsor UniGreeks for generously going above and beyond in showing support by donating to our BCA Raffle! And thank you to our amazing co-sponsors for their incredible performances and support, we couldn't have done it without you!


Annual BCA Charity Event

For the past decade, our chapter has held a BCA performance showcase. Not only do we include guest speakers and mini activities, but our audience also gets to enjoy an incredible dance competition! 


On-Campus Tabling

Besides our main philanthropic event, we've hosted bake sales, restaurant fundraisers, social media punchcards, and more to raise additional proceeds for BCA. We also have educational trivia and photobooths!


Collaboration Events

In the past, we've also worked with other organizations to make these events possible! In 2018, we had our 3rd BCA Brunch with UMCP NAACP and UMD NPHC. 


Past Events

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