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Spring 18: On Cloud 9

The sisters of the University of Maryland, College Park chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi would like to welcome you to our ALPHA EPSILON Class Rush!

>>> Schedule <<<

ALL EVENTS BEGIN @ 6PM - WEEK ONE - ☁️1.29.18 | MON | MILKY WAY (GIM) Learn about our sisterhood while decorating your own milkshake! Where? Thurgood Marshall 2113 @ STAMP

☁️1.30.18 | TUE | BOARD AND BOBA (SOCIAL) Get to know the sisters of aKDPhi through a fun night of board games and bubble tea! Where? Jimenez Building 0125

☁️1.31.18 | WED | WAFFLE-Y GOOD (SOCIAL) Get to know the sisters over DIY waffles! Where? Jimenez Building 0205

☁️2.1.18 | THUR | BLOOM IN A BOX (SERVICE) Stop by to make rose boxes to give out to the community! Where? Jimenez Building 0125

☁️2.2.18 | FRI | FOND(UE) OF YOU (GIM) Have any questions? Come make your own fondue with our beautiful alumnae! Where? Thurgood Marshall 2113 @ STAMP

☁️2.3.18 | SAT | TASTE OF ASIA (SOCIAL) Join us for a potluck with the brothers of Phi Delta Sigma! Where? Benjamin Building 0220

- WEEK TWO - ☁️2.5.18 | MON | JAR OF HEARTS (SERVICE) Get to know us while serving the community by making jars of love to give out! Where? Thurgood Marshall 2113 @ STAMP

☁️2.6.18 | TUE | INVITATIONAL Start the next chapter of your life with aKDPhi! Invite only. Where? TBA

>>> Rushees must attend at least (1) GIM, (1) Social, and (1) Service event to be considered for a bid

We look forward to meeting you all ♡♡♡


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