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Spring '21 Reveal - Allur!ng Alpha Lambda

The sisters of UMCP alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Associate Chapter would like to introduce you all to our Spring 2021 class, the Allur!ng Alpha Lambdas!

Please give a very warm welcome to these amazing ladies:

#150 Angie *MAKØ* Chan

Big Sister: Michelle *Ash-é* Hoang

#151 Joyce *GENESiS* Chung

Big Sister: Salina *TSUNAMi* Luu

#152 Melanie *Carena* Hoang

Big Sister: Kimberlie *Calea* Phung

#153 Izzy *NaMíko* Lee

Big Sister: Maddi *AíKO* Paige

#154 Gabrielle *Shimmer* Lewis

Big Sister: Ellis *Sharpshooter* Shen

#155 Elenna *Ceraphina* Mach

Big Sister: Alina *Ceara* Tann

#156 Maddie *capriccio* McGee

Big Sister: Christy *symphonii* Yau

A HUGE congratulations to the Alpha Lambda New Member Educator: #122 Emily *arcadian* Chi! Thank you for all of the guidance and hard work you've dedicated throughout the semester for SEVEN kiddos!! 🥰 Congrats to the bigs who picked up as well, we appreciate you all! 🥳

Thank you to our incredible reveal coordinators, #127 Rachel *amarante* Liang and #142 Hyacinth *Cineri* Heo, for planning and organizing an incredible new member reveal! (Reveal video link in bio on our YouTube!)

Big shoutout to our photographer and livestream recorder, Alex Chen @unclechensrice 🤍 We greatly appreciate your time and QUALITY photos!!

To our Alpha Lambdas, we are so proud of your hard work, dedication, and passion for the sisterhood and can't wait to see you all thrive as official sisters of aKDPhi! This is only the beginning, welcome to greek life 🤗🎉

COVID-19 Precautions:

Our chapter followed CDC guidelines and kept attendance lower than the UMD requirement of outdoor gatherings to 50 people maximum. Each attendee submitted negative COVID-19 test results to our sorority within 7 days prior to the event, are vaccinated, and have quarantined a week leading up to the event in order to be allowed to attend the reveal.


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