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Week of Women 2021

The sisters of UMCP aKDPhi are excited to share our annual virtual programming starting THIS WEEK! 🥳💕Every year, we showcase different events encouraging important conversations through a week full of content.

Links to each event are provided below!

Tuesday: "Tell Me About It":

Anti-Asian racism is nothing new: the recent infamous cases of harassment and violence targeted towards Asian people in the headlines has further confirmed this.

Learn more about the roots of Anti-Asian racism and what you can do as an individual in our crash course videos.

✽ YouTube Link:

Wednesday: "To Infinity and Beyond"

Feeling lost in your career search? Need some guidance and professional advice?

Listen to our podcast, where we get real about a variety of career fields. With speakers from academia, journalism, the sciences, and more, we hope you gain a variety of perspectives!

Thursday "Period."

It's time to talk about reproductive health. Do we really know enough info about it?

Watch as some of our sisters get quizzed on facts about periods, taboos, and stigmas around reproductive health.

✽ YouTube Link:

Friday: "What's on Your Mind?"

Why is mental health such a touchy topic in Asian communities? What's therapy like, and how do you even start it? What should you do if you're too broke for therapy?

Join Lynn and Shawna as they discuss the answers to these topics.


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