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Fall 19: Neo Spotlight

Meet our newest Fall ’19 additions UMCP alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s sisterhood, the Aquamarine Alpha Thetas! A big congratulations to all the bigs that picked up and to the New Member Educator #110 Maris *ASTRiD* Medina! She has put so much time and dedication for the chapter and we appreciate all of her hard work.

We can’t wait to see their growth and all the amazing things they'll do for our chapter, read more to get to know them!

Introducing: #137 Tammy *Shikari* Dam

Year: Junior

Major: Information Science

Big: #121 Kat *Shotgun* Yau

Class: Aquamarine Alpha Thetas

Why aKDPhi? Going into college I didn’t see myself joining Greek life, however, I went out to rush and met people that were kind, funny, and genuinely passionate about challenging social norms as well issues within the Asian American community. As a part of aKDPhi I have had the opportunity to broaden my connections, grow professionally, and volunteer.

Fun Fact: Can’t eat the orange chicken from Panda Express without sweating 🥴

Introducing: #138 Kathleen *HELiACAL* Frejoles

Year: Junior

Major: Government and Politics

Big: #135 Lindsay *LiKHA* Yee

Class: Aquamarine Alpha Thetas

Why aKDPhi? I transferred from a community college and I thought about joining Greek life to meet new people since I knew it would be hard to make friends since they already had their friend groups. Thinking about it now it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It has opened some opportunities for me and met many people.

Fun Fact: I can't sit still when i watch scary movies I always hide behind a pillow and peek with one eye to see whats goin on

Introducing: #139 Inseo *Kogarashi* Gates

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Management

Big: #121 Kat *Shotgun* Yau

Class: Aquamarine Alpha Thetas

Why aKDPhi? I never felt like I belonged at UMD since I wasn’t really involved in a group or club in my freshman year. From the time I rushed till now, I’ve met so many people and learned a lot about myself.

Fun Fact: I sleep with my mouth open, sometimes my eyes

Introducing: #140 Lynn *Élixir* Phan

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health Science

Big: #105 Julie *Cavalier* Pham

Class: Aquamarine Alpha Thetas

Why aKDPhi? I wanted to be involved in something on campus that allowed me to meet lots of new people as well as have pride in my culture. aKDPhi was a perfect mix of these things, and after coming to rush, I realized that this was the place for me.

Fun Fact: I sometimes cut my food into small pieces so that if I mix it Cava-style I'll have an even meat to rice to veggies distribution.

Introducing: #141 Ellis *Sharpshooter* Shen

Year: Sophomore

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice & Government ans Politics

Big: #118 Mimi *Nightshade* Janssen

Class: Aquamarine Alpha Thetas

Why aKDPhi? I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and I also wanted to continue my passion of advocating for AAPI communities. aKDPhi has allowed me to do both while giving me the space to grow professional skills.

Fun Fact: I have never pulled an all-nighter for academic reasons 🤭


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