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Fall '20 Reveal - KhiaZm!c Alpha Kappa

Introducing our new Fall ‘20 class of UMCP alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s sisterhood, the KhiaZm!c Alpha Kappa!

#147​ Maddie *arella* Ho

Big: Rachel *amarante* Liang

#148​ Jolny *EUPHORiA* Jiang

Big: Kathleen *HELiACAL* Frejoles

#149​ Emma *sublime* Tran

Big: Lynn *Élixir* Phan

We would like to give a huge congratulations to all of the bigs who picked up and to the Alpha Kappa New Member educator #128​ Crystal *Élysées* Wang! 🤩 Thank you for all your guidance and dedication, and we can't wait to see how far they go as an official sister of aKDPhi!! 🥳 To our Alpha Kappas, we're so proud to welcome you hardworking and passionate ladies into the best sisterhood and greek life 💕

Special thanks to the reveal coordinators #126​ Britney *ascenXion* Le and #131​ Sophia *Eviscerate* Lee for planning and organizing an incredible reveal! And thank you to our photographer, Alex Chen (ig: @unclechensrice), for taking the time to record and edit this video!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched our reveal, we hope you enjoyed our YouTube video!

COVID-19 Precautions:

This reveal was an in-person and outdoor on-campus event on November 13, 2020 that had strictly 50 people in attendance in respect of UMD and our sorority guidelines. Those who were in attendance were members of UMCP aKDPhi, UMCP Phi Delta Sigma, and UMCP Sigma Psi Zeta. Each attendee provided our sorority with negative COVID-19 test results within a week prior to the event and agreed to follow all CDC guidelines including: wearing a mask, not inviting those who were not invited, and sitting in separated small groups that were a six-foot distance from other groups in the audience.


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